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Creantt Stockholm

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We are Creantt

We are Creantt, a modest design studio in Stockholm, with ideas that matter. Our asset is our team and our strength is in the manner in which we combine strategy, visual design with technology. We specialise in complete experiences, from sowing the seeds to reaping its harvest. For us it is important that we go the whole nine yards for our Clients. We love challenges and are constantly looking to raise the bar. So no matter how much our Clients expect from us, we have greater expectations from ourselves.

What we cook up

For a start, we cook up a storm, brainstorming with diverse ideas, pumping up the enthusiasm, and opening the slice gates of creativity.

User Experience design

We know design, not only how it looks but also how it works. Each product has its own roadmap and destination. Design is the major factor for its success. We have very versatile experience in designing cross-terminal and cross platform interfaces.

Products through Innovation

It is not just about discovering ways of doing things, but creating new roads where there are none. Disruptive innovation at the core of the thought process, we are creating niche products for European and Global market.

Corporate Identity

What's in a name?, said Shakespeare. Everything!, says our Creative Director, Never undermine the power of branding and corporate identity. We design corporate logos and visualise company profiles that reflect your company philosophy. Beauty, it is said, is only skin deep. True and at creantt we Create not just the beautiful skin, but augment the inner beauty.

Corporate Animation Motiongraphics (2D & 3D)

A picture is worth a thousand words and we at Creantt bring them to life through animations and relate stories that move you, be it corporate concepts or entertainment sagas for television and the big screen.

Stereoscopic 3D (S3D)

We have gone a step further to amalgamate 3D animation and immersive technology to take our Clients and End user to places they have never travelled before - a cardiac journey through the ventricles of the heart or an aural experience in the innermost crevices of the ear.

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